YouTube, Just Like You and Danny Leaves Asking Alexandria

Hey internet!

Over the past year, i’ve become a really big fan of youtubers. Youtubers like Emma Blackery, LukeIsNotSexy (Luke Cutforth), VeeOneEye (i don’t care what you say), Toxic Tears, Johnnie Guilbert, Bryan Stars, Kyle David Hall, DeeFizzy, My Digital Escape, Jordan Sweeto, Chris Ryan, Tyler Hagen (singer in Sounds Like Harmony), Eugenia Cooney, Alex Dorame, Patty Walters, CrankThatFrank etc etc.

Now i hugely recommend going to check out all these people on youtube, also check out Patty Walters band As It Is (recently signed to Fearless Records, home to Pierce The Veil) because they are amazing, especially their new song Dial Tones which, if yoiu live in the UK, you’ll have seen on Kerrang! TV  and Scuzz TV (rock music channels).


NEXT thing – i’ve been listening to Falling In Reverse’s new album (Just Like You) and it’s so good, they’ve developed so much. Also the last song on the record, Brother, makes em cry every time. It’s about Ronnie Radke (lead vocals) brother Anthony, who died in a car crash in 2013. It’s so sad, and very different to all their previous songs, because it’s just Ronnie’s vocals accompanied by a piano, it’s quite slow and quiet, and very sad, a bit of a ballad i suppose.

Also very sad about Danny Worsnop leaving Asking Alexandria (can’t remember if i already mentioned in a previous post) but i am glad he is pursuing his future with We Are Harlot because they are fabulous as well. If Danny thought it’s what is best for AA, he must be right. I know fans are angry, but it’s their decision and it’s Danny’s private life. If he doesn’t want to elaborate, he doesn’t have to, not at all.

Thanks fro reading even if nobody but Bulletproof Phil reads this thing (thank yewwwwwwwwww you’re a fabby duck <3)

Bye bye world of killjoys

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36 Days!!!

Hello internet! It’s 36 days until my Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil concert!

I just wanted to mention some new music…i recentyl bought the new Fall Out Boy album and it is very worth it! They’ve gone slightly more pop than they used to be btu of course they’re still good and i love the new music videos for American Beauty/American Psycho, Centuries and Irresistable.

All Time Low – Something’s Gotta Give. Ok guys this is the coolest song, it’s got a hilarious video.

But then there’s the new SWS music…dude it’s crazy! We Like It Loud, Go Go Go and Kick Me are my favourite new songs this year, i love them and i can’t wait to hear the songs live.  Definitely gonna buy Madness as soon as it’s on the shelves!!

Thanks guys sorry this is short

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Hello small reader community!

I wanted to talk about something which has hugely affected my life recently. It’s a good friend of mine who I will keep anonymous, let’s call her J. Now, J got a boyfriend. Let’s call him L. So they’re going out. J is happy, L is really awesome. Then they start having issues in there relationship. And I am asked to help them. So I do. But I feel like it’s my fault. I feel like I’m making it worse. I Can’t not help them, I want to help them. But I don’t want to ruin it. What do I do?

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It’s Been Forever!

HELLO everyone! It’s been aaaaages! But then again…my only reader is pretty much Phil, and THAT’S WHY YOU’RE MY BEST BLOG BUDDY PHIL YOU’RE AMAZING. I’m planning on making a new, more sorta mature blog so i will post the link on here, and hopefully you will follow/subscribe and comment or at least read it? Anyway big news.

I’m 45 days clean. I am currently getting help from my school nurse. I have a new friend called Kirstin from Inverness, she’s amazing and beautiful and nice and awesomely awesome music-wise. I also have A NEW BIG SISTER. Actually she’s not relates to me. She’s my friend Rowanne, she’s like a big sister that i really love. She’s into the same music as me also, and she’s really beautiful and she has a boyfriend who has met Twin Atlantic and is pretty cool. I am planning on phoning her soon and am pretty excited.

I’m really sorry i haven’t been on here, but i’ll make a new blog with hopefully more readers. I love you guys, Phile and Erin M. especially!!!

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Hello people! I have been really busy lately so haven’t posted literally anything at all. So i’m back! And it’s fecking freezing brrrrr. Snowing and everything, and thunder and lightning. Anyhoo….

Yesterday was Alex Gaskarth’s birthday! Congrats!!!

And today it’s Ronnie Radke’s birthday you legend!

Yay. So yeah. Thatta be all for th’day.