It’s weird how fun having a blog is, actually.

I don’t know what to write. Think, girl, think! I want to write about…All Time Low. They’re a great band. A FANTASTIC band, actually. Not as TOTALLY A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. as My Chemical Romance, but still great. A bit scary though. Okay, this is funny – I have this really really big poster of ATL on my wall above my bed, right, and one night I had this creepy dream that they were all coming to get me. Aaaah. But then I woke up they were RIGHT THERE. Right in front of me. Not the most reassuring thing to see when you have just had a nightmare about them. But then they started getting bigger. And bigger. And I was getting really freaked out. What’s worse was, I had my sister on the other side of the room screaming about Green Day in her sleep. 

But then I realised that the poster was falling down.

So. Yeah. Just a little time-filler for you.

I have just been told by my friend Rossi to write the number three. So this is for Rossi.


Give ’em hell, kid!


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