Calling all members of the MCRmy!

Hi. This entry is going to be all about My Chemical Romance – apologies to any not-fans!

Lets start with this;

Gerard Way (9th April 1977) – vocals

Frank Iero (31st October 1981) – Rythem guitar

Mikey Way (10th September 1980) – Bass guitar

Ray Toro  (15th July 1977) – Lead guitar

Bob Bryar(31st December 1979) – Drums

So, there’s all the members. And their birthdays. I am not a stalker, I promise. I just realised; this is turning out to be a really picturey blog, isn’t it? Oh well. Next thing you need to do is check out MCR’s website. It’s awesome. Really, it is. The last post is a message from Gerard, and at the end of the post, he said;

 “Oh, and I heard a rumor that I died in a car accident. I didn’t.”
What kind of person makes up a story like that? Who is cruel enough to say that Gerard Way died in a car crash?
Not anyone I know, anyway. These guys seem to have really weird birthdays – Frank’s is on Halloween, Bob’s on New Years Eve, Mikey has the same birthday as my Grandad and Ray’s is the same as my mate Jolie…sort of freaky.
MCR’s first song was Skylines and Turnstiles. It’s very…raw…and their last song was Burn Bright. That is such a good song. I love it. That’s why I put in the lyrics for my second post.
Frank Iero is now in an AMAZING hardcore band called LeATHERMOUTH. That isn’t a typo. That’s how they write it. Gerard Way is managing a British rock band called LostAlone. They’re quite good too. I’m not sure what Ray or Bob or Mikey did after MCR broke up, but I’m sure they’re doing something useful to America’s musical background!
You know how you get things like, Beliebers are JB fans, 1D fans are Directioners? Well My Chemical Romance fans are called the MCRmy. I am a soldier in the MCRmy. My friend is a soldier in the MCRmy. My sister is a soldier in the MCRmy. And I hope you are a soldier in the MCRmy.
Thanks for reading, killjoys!
So long and goodnight. x
P.S. Shout out to Harry Allen, Fall Out Boy fan – happy belated birthday! And shout out to Katrina, who is ACTUALLY reading this! And Rossi, of course.

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