Farr far away…in Scotland

Okay, so, I’m at school right now. This is where i write most of my posts, and I’ve just been told by Katy (remember her? my biggest blog fan!) to write that Kristofer is a ginger something, and Rhys is a tiny *something i can’t repeat*. I dunno if that is true but oh well I’ll take her word for it. The weirdest thing…the school is called Farr. Like, Farr far away in Scotland. Which is true. Very true. Faith is sitting next to me. Shout out to Faith! Woohoo! Shout out to Katrina – Yay! And shout out to my BFF Rossi – Yippeeeeee! So…oh great. Maths next.

But! This blog is not about Farr Farr Away! It’s about music, so;

Last night I was listening to Zayne Lowe on Radio 1 and he had 30 Seconds To Mars in the room! Oh yeah! Booyah! In yer face! They are awesome. And from the side, Dad looks like a way older version of Jared Leto. Weird. He has kind of the same haircut as Tomo Miličević. Uhhhhhh.

They played loads of 30 Seconds To Mars songs, and I was really enjoying it until Dad came in and turned it off. Boo. Hiss.

My mate Rossi wants to write something now, so here goes;

hey Katy and jasper.

That was Rossi, not me.

So, don’t you just hate it when your parents hate your type of music? Well, my Dad hates MCR, ATL, FOB, 30STM and Green Day. Shame on him. It’s the same with mum. They’re both into stuff like The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, David Bowie, Los Camposinos!, Voice Of The Beehive and people like that. The only good stuff that they are into are Arctic Monkeys. They’re really good, though. Amazing drummer. Cool accent.

I hope they don’t read this. They said i could write a blog as long as i didn’t put any personal stuff in it. Isn’t that what a blog is for?

Give ’em hell, killjoys! xx


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