I Don’t Love You

I’m gonna name most of my posts after songs i like. I Don’t Love You is an MCR song, incase you don’t know. I dunno what to write. Yes i do actually.

You know when you are in primary school and you are totally phsyched on this band that is actaully really bad? Well, that was my problem a few years ago. I used to be crazy about They Might Be Giants (TMBG). They are this totally weird American band that sing a heap of songs about science. Omigod that sounds so totally actually sad now, doesn’t it? Yeah. Well, they were my all time favourite band. I had like, all of their CD’s and stuff. Now I hate them. So. Yeah.

I Don’t Love You, TMBG.

So Long and Goodnight x

P.S. 15 days till x-mas!

P.P.S. Shout to Katrina and Freya! Hey there LEGENDS!


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