Why them?

So i know a lot of people, just people i know, that have asked me, what do you see in My Chemical Romance? Why so obsessed? Why them? This is a little story for all the people that have ever judged MCR or the MCRmy for whi they are.

It’s not like i know them personally or anything but face the facts people! This band is truly amazing. This band saves lives.

That sounds crazy and mother Teresa-ish but it’s true, and it does happen. These guys have saved more lives than you can imagine. MCR have helped so many teenagers through all the horrible stuff that comes with growing up, like bullying and depression and self harm. I don’t think you will find manyt bands as honest and understaning as My Chem. It doesn’t matter how hard you look, you will never find another band like this lot. They are forever the best. Saying all this, i don’t have a bad life, not at all. But like everyone, else, i have good days, bad days, and really unbearably bad days. And sometimes i feel confused and scared and hurt and angry inside, even though on the outside i may seem like a perfectly normal kid. But nobody understands that. Sometimes if i feel angry or scared and nobody stops and listens to me, if no-one gets where i am coming from, it can make me feel so…trapped.As if i am a totally different person. Sometimes i feel like i am having to deal with a whole lot more than i actually am, something bigger and scarier. And most of the time i don’t even know why, and that scares me more.

I tend to be very angry when i am scared, and people around me misunderstand. I think that it doesn’t have to be a big problem to be frightening, it can still make an impact and it still hurts. MCR realy get how frightening growing up is, they know that people out there are messed up, and they let people know they know. Thats a great thing to do, to be able to go, “Y’know what? We understand. We know what it’s like to go through it on your own,” so they made sure nobody had to go through it on their own. They gave people someone to run to. They stood up and told the world, “Its ok to be messed up, because we are messed up too – the whole world is messed up.” That takes strength, that takes bravery , what they did. It takes bravery to create a band that represents what they represent. MCR went up on the big stage and sort of told the crowds, “you just watch me run and never, ever look back.” Thats one of the things i admire most about them. I think, i know, that everyone including me will always have a little bit of insecurity inside their mind somewhere. And when i come across it occasionally, i go running to MCR and they help me bury it again. They always are there when people need to know someone else understands, someone else has been through it.

So that, peoplez, is why them.

Thank you and goodnight. xxx


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