(Not a song title)

Okay, so imagine a big huge wall of scaffolding. On the top level is my favorite bands. At the bottom is my least favorite. Top level – All Time Low. Bottom level – Boy bands. And of course Justin Beiber. OMG did you hear about his arrest? Thank god for that.

Shout out time.

Phil – Hi! All The Rest Of The People On Grooveshark Who Have Bothered To Check This Out – Thanks!

Ryan – My music is so not shit thanks for backing that up. Luke – Whoo hoo go Kaiser Chiefs.

Kelly (and Harry) – Waffles. Rossi – Congratulations!!! Haha! (Sorry but i couldn’t resist!)

Unleash the freakin’ bats. x

P.S. Check out Automatic Loveletter. They’re an awesome band!


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