Postcards and Polaroids

“Jack is Jack from All Time Low. Jack likes to Macarena. Jack likes singing in the rain. Jack thinks this is very unprofessional. Jack thinks Alex Gaskarth has great hair. Jack likes Aladdin because he is Arab. Jack likes to fly.”

– Jack Barakat


“You can do whatever you want on a plane. No-one owns the sky.”

-Alex Gaskarth.


“I definitely hated Alex when i first met him. I thought he was a douche bag. He had really big eyebrows and i was bummed because he was competing with my eyebrows.”

– Jack Barakat. 


“I want you to pinky-promise me you won’t do it.  No fan of mine would kill themselves. Don’t do it, for me. I love you.”

– Alex Gaskarth.


“Hi guys. I’m Rian from the band All Time Low, if you didn’t know, which you probably didn’t…”

– Rian Dawson.


“I don’t talk very much because talking without thought isn’t talking at all. But i do enjoy ketchup.”

– Zack Merrick.


“The closest friends are the ones you’d take a bullet for. But they are ones you also constantly feel like you could a bullet through them as well.”

-Alex Gaskarth.


“Life sucks sometimes, but it all happens for a reason and a higher purpose.”

– Zack Merrick.


“Why does Facebook even give me the option to LIKE my own status? Of course i like my status. I’m hilarious.”

– Rian Dawson.






5 thoughts on “Postcards and Polaroids

  1. AWESOME ATL Quotes. Hey, that reminds me. I got a SIGNED Don’t Panic album. I got it from my cousin,if you have read my newest post she also gave me a manga ❤ Oh, lets count now how many CDs I have…1…2…3…19. I have 19 CDs now (most of them I get from my cousin, she always gives me CDs that she either doesn't need because she has so many OR she doesn't listen to the band and need someone to take it a.k.a me Phil So that's that. So Long And Goodnight 😀

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