Practice makes Perfect

This is a totally random post. I dunno what to write. Ummm…

Okay maybe i’ll do a few shout-outs. Luke – yeah break time is good when you’re alone. Which is a reason i mostly spend my breaks alone. That and the fact that i am kind of socially impaired. Erin C – To be totally, brutally honest, Erin, nobody cares. Especially me. Yeah, i’m unsociable. You are sociable. Opposites. Laura – awww don’t be sad. I’m lost. No i really am lost, I’ve never been in this part of the airport before. Tiegan – okay this is weird. Why are you being nice? Thought you hated me. Katrina – abandoned can be good at times, you know? It’s like a break. Freya – hey! Whattup? So…oh yeah one more – Rossi – i know you don’t actually really like me much anymore it’s okay hang out with Erin that’s fine. Robert – Katrina says; you’re a weirdo.

Bye! x


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