Empire (Let Them Sing)

<He he.

So I know you may be getting bored by now of this blog, or, like, why the hell is this kid posting this stuff? but hey, what can you do? It’s fun. And it ain’t like I’ve got anything better to do, right! So.

IT’S FRIDAY! Yesssss! I waited a whole week for today. It’s Saturday tomorrow. What am i saying? Of course it’s Saturday tomorrow. Hmm. So, here’s the stuff i actually wanted to say in this post. Phil, how was your science project? You haven’t been online for a while. Rossi say’s hi. So have any of you people who read my blog heard Don’t Panic, All Time Low’s most recent album? I got it teh other week and i love it, it’s so good. Personally i think the best songs on it are Paint You Wings or If These Sheets Were States. Seriously, check them out. The bell just went gotta go bye!


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