Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Life is so unfair. Download festival, to start with. Line-up is amazing. Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Bowling For Soup, The Pretty Reckless, The Used,  We Came As Romans, State Champs. And guess what? Tickets are like, £100 – £300 each. And I’m not able to go to it. “Too far away”, apparently. Grrrr. And then comes a great topic. All Time Low. Except this time it’s bad. They are having a UK tour. Yay! I know, it’s great. Fantastic, actually. The tour started on Saturday 8th. They are playing in Glasgow tomorrow (Tuesday) and I nearly won tickets on Kerrang! competitions website. But guess what? Darling kind parents decide Glasgow is far too far away. They say if ATL ever play in Inverness i can go. Because it’s “closer”. Hell, it’s 2 hours away! So anyway. Oh i got Kerrang magazine the other day. All Time Low took over editing. God it was funny. Talking of funny (changing the subject) I watched Top Gear last night it was hilarious check it out. Those guys crack me up so bad. Omg there are these two films that are just fantastic and i think you should definitely watch them. First is City Of Bones it’s so good. Originally a book, though. And second is Warm Bodies. It’s like a comedy zombie horror. I watched it with my mate Laura and we were laughing so hard. So. I found a new band. They are called State Champs, they’re a sorta pop-punk band, very cool. 

And this is so annoying; the ATL Hustler site won’t let me become a Hustler. It’s the same with FOB’s Overcast Kids. 😦



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