First, Rockstar by Nickelback is one of those songs that you are addicted to for a few years then you forget about it. Then it comes back and you’re like, wow i know this song! How i do i know all the words? Haha it’s good though. Anyway. This really cool;

Alex Gaskarth birthday; 14th December (1987) my birthday is the 2nd of Dec! Yay. I might as well do the rest, right?

Jack Barakat; 18th June 1988

Zack Merrick: 21st April 1988

Rian Dawson: December 18th 1987. Aw Rian and Alex’s birthday’s are only 4 days apart! Cool. Why am i posting this anyway? Hmmm.

I watched this movie last night, it’s called I Am Number Four, it’s really good. The story is based on a book by Pittacus Lore. It’s great. Check it out.


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