(I have given up on song titles.) I don’t know if any of you awesome readers (the only people that actually read this stuff – Phil, Rossi, Kat-Chan, Freya-san, Laura, Harry who used to) do fan-art, but i do!!! I have spent the weekend drawing the members of Black Veil Brides via studying my poster, and have succeeded in drawing Ashley Purdy (BVB Bass guitar), Andy Biersack (BVB vocals) and Christian Coma AKA CC (BVB drums), and am in the process of sketching Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin). I will, when i have finished the drawing of Jinxx, draw Andy Sixx aka Andy Biersack a few years ago, and Jake Pitts (BVB lead guitar). Here is my Andy Biersack fan art! I also did one of Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth. I can put one of them up if you want too 🙂 Image<Andy Biersack

Image<Alex Gaskarth

Love you readers bye! x



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