Rest In Peace

My guinea pig died at the weekend. That sounds very lame. I mean, she is just a guinea pig, right? But still. She was a living creature and she isn’t anymore. The funny thing is, i wasn’t sad or anything. I don’t know why. Mum thought i was being weird. She said she expected me to be a bit more emotional. But i didn’t feel anything at all. I think i have gone emotionally numb. I’m not being creepy or jokey. I am serious. What the hell is wrong with me?

Have spent the weekend painting my room at my dad’s house. Unfortunately i share a room with my sister and she wants to do a heap of stuff on the walls that are incredibly cheesy. But anyway. I have this huge Black Veil Brides poster i am gonna put up, and an All Time Low one, then a heap of posters from my collection of Kerrang magazines!!! Why am i telling you this? I don’t know. Alright shout out time.

Rossi – promise me you can keep a secret. Kelly – Hey homie. Luke – you completely blanked me this morning but cool new haircut.

PHIL MY BEST BLOG BUDDY! YOU ARE VERY AWESOME. AND RARE. Natalie i know you don’t read this but nice to meet you and you are very cool. Mrs McPhail hallo hope i spee

WARNING this is not a shout out; I so cannot wait for #BVB4!

I had best go, but before i do, try this. My mate Laura found it online. You have to read out loud not the word but teh colour of the word itself. Good luck!

Have a happy Monday! Love you. Bye! x


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