I have some interesting stuff to say in this post. First, i got a new reader! But they have only left one comment then disappeared into thin air. Come bcak! I need more readers. So far i think i only have maybe five, six readers. That’s not many. So to everyone reading this…if you read this blog, please leave your comment! I would love some feedback from some new people sometime soon. Let me know how rubbish this is, how boring you found it or how amazingly amazing you think it is. And if you like this blog, check out my mates blogs; Phil and Katrina and Freya. They are in my list of followers and a lot of my comments…actually, the majority of comments…are from them. Thanks!

Second interesting thing…ANDY BIERSACK WORKING ON A SOLO PROJECT! I realize i can’t just leave it at that so i will go into a bit more detail for you lovely readers…:-D Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides is currently working on a solo project, in which he calls himself Andy Black. In his solo project he is going for a goth synth sound, sort of inspired by 80’s goth synth music such as Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy. He assures everyone that his main priority is definitely Black Veil Brides, and it obviously is, isn’t it?! Because the band are now in the studio working on BVB 4! He said it is a “total passion project”, and that he has been interested in making different sorts of music for a while. It would be very difficult for them to work that sort of synth sound into a Black Veil Brides album, because of the style, and as a fan of BVB i don’t know whether i would want to hear that in a BVB song. But i honestly can’t wait for when his first Andy Black song comes out! It will be out on the 26th of May, anyone will be able to download it free and it will be titled They Don’t Need To Understand

More news? There probably was but i cannot remember it. Hmmm. Oh! Maybe it was this…i found this awesome band (this bit is targeted at Phil, Kandy/Kat-Chan/Morticians Daughter and Freya-San/DJ Dave’s Biggest Fan…check out Heavens Basement! DO IT NOW! Bye x



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