Long Time No Post

Hi guys! I haven’t psoted in ages. So sorry to all my beautiful readers (I Ship Bulletproof, Kandy, FreyShaVu, Esley so you read this? Ya you do…and PHIL!!! MY BEST BLOG BUDDIES!) who read my lovely interesting educational posts. So exctied! Know why? Several reasons. Here goes…

  1. Andy Black’s first solo project song was releeased on Monday 26th! 
  2. It’s Jack Barakat’s birthday on the 18th! (ATL)
  3. Pierce The Veil won Best Film/Video award with This Is A Wasteland in the Golden God awards! Yesss!
  4. Phil is going to see Fall Out Boy. I’m excited FOR him. Have fun Blog Buddy!
  5. Black Veil Brides are working on a new album
  6. Pierce The Veil are not splitting up it was just a rumour, they are working on a new album too!
  7. Just been riding with my mate and Blog Buddy Esme! AKA Eskey The Fallen Angel/Ez. I smell of Britney and Kylie. Happy days…
  8. Dinner is nearly ready! (I’m sooooo hungry…)

I’m back, posting on my blog! Man how i missed this website…so yeah. Gotta go. But first a quick reminder! If you read this blog, and follow me, make sure you read and follow all my followers blogs! (Especially Phil, who has 2 blogs and is desperate for followers.)

Love you! Bye xD


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