Citizens Of The World

Hello kind citizens of the world. Especially Kandy/Katrina/Kat/Morticians Daughter/ My Daughter!/ Kat-Chan, FCCF/Freya/FreyShaVu/Freya-san and Phil! (Phil has no nicknames…yet!) I only have 5 minutes left to post this because i am in class. What i want to say quickly is, as you may have seen on Phil’s blog, he is doing requests for drawings for him to post. I requested BVB and in return he requested MCR. So if anyone wants me to draw anything for them…name it. COME AT ME BRO!!!

This is me, Linxx/Bulletproof/Lily/Tilly/Lilya/Mother…signing off. I am going to go and learn algebra or something boring in Math. Happy days. Wish me luck!!! 




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