Pretty Pictures…

Image<This drawing is of My Chemical Romance…it is for Phil. I’m sorry that it isn’t very good, but i tried my best!!

Image< I spent all of yesterday evening doing this to my wall. All the drawings are by me, by the way…i think my work is worth putting up on this blog! What d’you think??? 

Image<I don’t know if oyu can tell or not but these are my drawings of the members of BVB…and Alex Gaskarth hiding in the top corner!!! 

I have no more things to post today, except that my free BVB tee shirt was sent out from Kerrang today. Yay haha!

Shout out to Katrina/Kandy/Morticians Daughter, for being so supportive and everything…love ya Kandy! Shout out to Freya/FreyShaVu/FCCF/Freya-san fro sticking with me on the 7 mile walk and jamming to Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag, shout out to Lewis for finding my necklace which i cannot live wthout and finally shout out to Natalie who bought me my amazing hat and earrings! Oh and not forgetting Phil, who is my BEST BLOG BUDDY FOREVA! 

Peace out, Wild Ones!

Linxx x


8 thoughts on “Pretty Pictures…

  1. Thanks for making the MCR picture, I really appreciate it. I’m sorry it’s taking so long for me to make your BVB picture. The picture I’m drawing it for is very detail so it may take about two or three more days. I love the pictures you’ve made. Keep drawing! I want to see more! Why don’t you draw one of the picture I drew to see how good you are at in drawing in that perspective? 😀

    • Your so welcome! I’m glad you like it! I don’t mind how long it takes, honest, i am just so happy you are drawing it in the first place!!! I know what you mean…i have drawn BVB before and it took about a month!!!
      I am in the middle of trying to draw that blue wolf…it is nowhere near as good as the original though!

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