Bulletproof Phil and some random shout outs!

So first of all…


Today was the last day. I can’t wait to go to Lincoln and visit London next week!

So, Phil (AKA my most dedicated Blog Follower and fellow Wild One/ MCRmy member/ Hustler/ FOB Fan) has got a new nickname. BULLETPROOF PHIL! So, happy birthday (again!) Bulletproof Phil, and thank you so much for the BVB drawing, and thank you so much for reblogging my posts of Jinxx and the MCR drawing! 

Shout out time!;

Jenny – love ya, see you after the summer! Kelly and Esme/Esley/Fallen Angel – Hope you guys have a cool time tonight and see you in the morning probably!! Lewis – grrrr i need those earphones…and don’t forget the flowers! Katrina/ Kandy/Kat Biersack/ Kat-chan/ Morticians Daughter – CHRIST’S CHIN IS DOWN! Set the world on fire, Kandy. Love you! Freya/FreyShaVu/FCCF –  DAVE AND JOHN HAD BABIES!!!!!! Love you too.

Bulletproof Phil – thanks for everything! For following me on Grooveshark and reading my blog and following my blog and becoming my best blog buddy and for liking my Jinxx drawing and for drawing BVB for me!

Happy summer everyone!

Linxx x


8 thoughts on “Bulletproof Phil and some random shout outs!

  1. Thank you! I will support you the whole way through buddy! Yes! I’m one of the wild ones! That’s from BVB right? AWESOME! your welcome too! 😀

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