So, you guys may not know this, but there is a shop (online) called Grindstore, it’s probably one of THE most awesome shops, they sell alternative clothing and band merch and stuff. They have a band chart, and i just have to post it because it is an amazing chart (BVB, ATL, Asking Alexandria, YMAS, FOB, SWS, FIR, PTV, MCR, BMTH, need i go on?) so here it is!



The Grindstore Official Band Chart is compiled monthly, based on how much merch each band has sold in the past 30 days.

Last Updated: 8th July 2014

Is that cool or is that cool?



2 thoughts on “Grindstore

  1. That’s AWESOME! All of the bands that I like are on this chart! I think the reason why you posted this is because Black Veil Brides is on the top. HeHe. Just joking. If that is the reason I respect that. I’d do that too if I was super into Black Veil Brides. 😀

    • Of course it’s awesome! It’s not just because of BVB at the top (although that is a bonus) it’s because of Asking Alexandria and ATL and most of all…MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! i like pretty much everyone on here, apart from John Lennon.

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