Inspiration (Help me!)

Hello again. This is a call for help, believe it or not. I am actually finding it really hard to find inspiration at the moment for something to blog about. I’ve pretty much covered music, and I have done a bit on manga, and I have done more than enough boring posts about nothing much whatsoever. So I would appreciate it if you left some comments of some ideas of things to post. Thanks!

Wait, I have had a lightbulb idea. NEWSFLASH!!! T In The Park! It was amazing, I didn’t go obviously, otherwise I would have mentioned it by now…but I saw it all on TV. You Me At Six were the BEST! They are an amazing live band, and their crowd was massive, absolutely huge. I also really liked watching John Newman, I saw a little bit of Jake Bugg (I saw his whole set at Glasto though and it was very good) and Sam Smith was quite good. He is a really good singer, I know his music isn’t the type to have crowds full of mosh pits, but he is good at what he does.

Okay now I have officially no inspiration.



One thought on “Inspiration (Help me!)

  1. Have a drawing genre! Wait, I have a drawing genre. Hmmm… I can’t really think of anything at the moment. Wait, got it! You know how you do shout outs and stuff? Well, you can have a genre based on shout outs and friends. 😀

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