I have inspiration now

This post is a dedication to Esme, Katrina, Freya and Phil.

Hello guys. Let’s start with Phil since he was the one who gave me inspiration.

Alright so, hey best blog buddy, i am uber jealous you got to see FOB, you are an amaizng artist. Stay awesome!

Esme – not my best blog buddy, but my BEST BUDDY! (without the blog part, y’know) And of course Venus as well. I don’t think the people in my village will ever look at me the same after the waprpainted cow scene. Let’s go to the graveyard sometime?

Kandy and FreyShaVu – I don’t know whether you are still alive, i guess i will see you guys at school after summer, but have i done something to upset you guys? Coz you won’t talk. Maybe you are just dead.

RIP anyway.

Everyone reading this MUST check out the songs on Gerard Way’s upcoming debut solo album Hesitant Alien. Yes that is actually what it is called.

Thankyou and goodnight



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