Heyla people! Recently i have been watching a lot of Bryan Stars interviews, solely because he is pretty much the best band interviewer ever in the world. You guys should check him out.

Peace out readers!


4 thoughts on “BryanStars!

  1. Cool pictures! and this whole time I haven’t even seen your face! I like the BVB paint. When I have a chance, I’ll do a me picture post! Okay see ya!

  2. Wait, hold on. I changed my mind. I’m not going to do that. Sorry lily, but my parents wouldn’t like it if I shown myself on the internet. anyone is able to go onto my blog and you know the precautions you need to make on the internet. Sorry, again. you have your thoughts of what I look like, right. Just use that! that’s what I did this whole time for you. I didn’t know what you looked like this whole time! still best blog buddies?

    • Hey no worries. I never expected you to anyway! I wasn’t going to but my mate Ez begged me to and i hate not doing stuff that i promise to do. You know what i mean? It’s okay, i understand! Yes, i will use my imagination.
      Still best blog buddies, always!!!
      Okay i am going to make a guess…do you have brown hair?

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