Alright so, in a follow up to my last post, i would like to just say something real serious and important. 

Internet safety. (I can just imagine in your head right now “Oh god here it goes”)

I posted pictures of me and my friend (and my dog) and that was not the smartest move in the universe, nor the most careful, but then again i am not a very careful person. I posted them only because I promised my friend (the other girl in the first photo) that i would post them, and hardly anyone reads this stupid blog anyway. If my blog suddenly goes viral and i have a dramatic raise in followers and comments, i will take the pictures down. Because i have a strange mind. But i don’t want to be stalked. Okay? This goes to all the creepy stalkers out there – don’t stalk me. You haven’t got my address so you can’t really stalk me. But still. Don’t do it. It’s creepy. If you don’t believe me, ask Alex Gaskarth.

Phil – still best blog buddies, have no fear!!!

Last but most certainly not least – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW JAKE PITTS! (This is incase i don’t get onto the computer tomorrow)


7 thoughts on “STRANGER DANGER!

    • Great minds think alike! Except mine is not that great.
      Yay that was a good guess! So, one down. Um…green eyes???
      Yay luckily i actually AM online so i can actually do a proper message for him!

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