Friends Are An Amazing Part Of Life

I would like to dedicate this slightly out-of-my-range post to some people. Those people are;

  • Esme Duckham/ Esley/ Fallen Angel/ Ez
  • Phil / Bulletproof Phil / Best Blog Buddy
  • Rowanne Macloed
  • Kelly Spence / Kelz / Kendan
  • Katrina / Kandy / Kat / Kat-Chan / Morticians Daughter
  • Freya / FreyShaVu / FCCF / i don’t any more nicknames heehee

You guys are the most amazing people i have ever known. 

Over the last few months i have realised how important having friends is. As in, true friends who stick by you, the sorts most people have in books, and movies, but can be difficult to find in real life. 2014 has been without doubt the hardest year of my life. I won’t go into detail, but Esme and Kelly know what I mean. An example is my parents split up this year, that was the most difficult thing in my life. And i understand now that if i didn’t have these amazing people around me, i wouldn’t be the person i am now. 

My inspiration for this post was reading Phil’s latest blog update about his new school, about him making new friends. I know what that is like, when i came into high school i made friends with the people i love best now.  I don’t think i ever really knew what a true friend was until i met Katrina, Freya, Kelly and Esme. You guys are so amazing, never change.

Rowanne, you are such a supportive, awesome person and I am so glad i came to that filming session that day. Wild Ones Forever!

Lastly, this is amazing and i probably won’t stop talking about it.

Me and Esme will maybe be going to Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens concert in Glasgow on the 4th of April 2015, if Ez’s dad manages to get the tickets in time tomorrow when they go on sale.

I am so exited!

Thank you for reading this xxx

Stay awesome everyone!





2 thoughts on “Friends Are An Amazing Part Of Life

  1. THANK YOU!!! You are such a supportive person to me! I wouldn’t even be typing this if you hadn’t come into my life. You are AWESOME and I know you know that. I support the fact that you are having a hard time right now. I love that fact that you consider me as one of your true friends. I consider you one of my true friends too. You helped me realize that there are more people out in the real world just like me. You are one of the the only people that truly understand me. Thank you for that. I really do say that. Your other friends would say that too. You are AMAZING!!! I don’t know what I’d do without you here. Well, be out on the shout outs. BYE!!! 😀

    • Awww you are supportive too! Really? Well, maybe you wouldn’t actually. That makes sense. Thank you so much! I have never really felt that awesome but I guess if you see me that way…:-) We are truly true friends. Of course there are people put there like you…well, there’s me!!!
      I try my best to understand all my friends XD
      You are amazing too! Us friends stick together always, yeah?
      L x

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