This post is for Kelly Spence. You are an amazing person and I love you.

I swear to god i hate this freakin’ Independence vote. You can’t leave. I will come with you. I won’t let you leave.

Show this to your parents. Seriously.

After you told me at break, i had to go to the bathroom in the middle of 3rd Period Maths because i was crying and i didn’t want anyone to see, so i went and cried in a toilet cubicle for about ten minutes.

I will be all alone, Iona will only have Alisha and Katy, and of course me. Think about Falling Out Of Line! There is practically no point, if you are moving, it’s never going to work!

Imagine living like a king someday…..and seriously, Kez, don’t make me feel low, cause i’ve tried so hard to convince myself it’s ok that i feel this way. “All alone the way she feels, left alone to deal with all the pain drenched sorrow relief…”

Love you Kelly, no matter what.


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