Better Together!

It’s a NO Vote for Scotland going independent, and as I am Scottish and live right up north, I felt I should post something about it, even though I find politics extremely boring.
So, I put on the news on Friday morning and it said “Scotland Votes No” and I was so relieved, because had we become independent so many things would have changed, and I know it would have been such a massive thing in history, and being a kid, my life would have had to change so much. A lot of people at my school were strongly for Yes, but then a lot of people were for No, and a lot of the No Voters claimed they would leave here to live somewhere else (mostly England, some people further south in Scotland) if it turned out as a Yes majority, which meant losing so many friends. So I thought I should just say that. Thank the gods.

I have 2 more things to say…

  •  195 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes until the day of the concert (4th of April.)
  • Black Veil Brides have 2 new songs out for their new album. They are called Heart Of Fire and Faithless and they are utterly AMAZING!!!

Anyway, thanks guys…

Until next time!

P.S. I am eating Jelly Beans. SO MUCH SUGAR.


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