Hesitant Alien

I am going to get into the habit of reviews. What sort of reviews, I hear you say. (I don’t hear you say it but just trust me here ok?)

Band reviews, album reviews, song reviews, concert reviews, article reviews, tour reviews. That’s quite a variety. Yes.

Well I shall start by reviewing Gerard Way’s new album, Hesitant Alien. It is his solo debut and a very good one too.

  • The first track, The Bureau, is really catchy and I had it stuck in my head for days on end. Not my favourite song though.
  • Action Cat – it’s a really good melody, but most of all I like the lyrical content, it’s very different to what we are used to from Gerard.
  • No Shows I would say is the more well known track on the album, because it has a music video to go with. He played this at his Reading set and I admit he is very good live. Awesome video also!
  • Brother is quite upbeat, and a really catchy chorus. Great song.
  • Millions, yes, I am sure it has millions of fans. Not the best one either, but still great.
  • Zero Zero was the first song I heard from this album, and I loved it from the first listen. Not much of a melody but to me that doesn’t matter. I love it!
  • Juarez is another popular one. It is popular because it should be, because it is amazing.
  • Drugstore Perfume I am not going to lie, is too good. It made me cry. It is a sort of slow one, but still fits in with the dancey tunes on the record.
  • Get The Gang Together – well what can I say. Awesome.
  • How It’s Going To Be took me by surprise, because it is not what I would expect coming from this amazing man. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the best songs! But very unique, to me. And he reaches quite a pitch by the end of the number.
  • Maya The Psychic is by far my favourite song out of all 11. I don’t know what it is, but I made me get up and dance. I love the lyrical content as well.

For fans of; Nirvana, Pixies.

Overall Hesitant Alien is one of the best debut albums I have ever heard (not that I am an expert) and I hope Gee Way’s musical career continues to grow. I worship this man.


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