I just cycled 3 miles to get the mail early.  Why? Because today is the release date of Black Veil Brides ‘ new album, and I cannot lie, it is Amazing.  Capital A.

I haven’t listened to it all yet, and I am too excited to write a review at the moment. I’ll do that later

Unleash the bats people!!!



16 thoughts on “IV

    • Hahah yearp!! Me too it is so amazing! I am going shopping on friday, my main priority is to buy Hesitant Alien haha i will cry if i dont find it.
      School…noooooooo…today is the frist day back, started off with a double of Maths. Nooooooooooooo.

  1. NOOO! Spanish! The good part about school right now is the friends. I’m … popular if you want to say. Everyone is friends with me! How are you and your friends over there? I don’t mean to brag.

    • We dont get spanish but i wish we did. French was ok but then the teacher left.
      No thats not bragging! I dont know…i guess i have like, 1 close friend, Kelly…also Esme who i a going to the concert with, but she isnt like, my best friend. I used to have a best friend. Then she went ishy. I have a really good friend called Rowanne, but she lives in Edinburgh now so i dont ever see her.
      I’m with my mate Harry at the moment. He is cool. Luke is cool too. 🙂

  2. Some like my friends Emily, Rachael, and Tom like Blink 182, Green Day, FOB, and all those bands. Tom likes MCR the most. Emily likes anime. And YES they like me! Me and Tom are thinking of making a band! 😀

    • They sound awesome!! XD
      That’s a good idea! My friend Kelly and me want to start a band, we want to call it Falling Out Of Line, Kelly would play drums, i can sing a bit, and play a bit of bass…yeah.
      Well if you start a band let me know, and i shall be your first fan!

  3. Thanks! I’m going to say though that I’m giutar and Tom is drums. But we don’t have a name for it if we even start a band. You would be my first fan! 😀 ( we need a bassist and a singer. If you lived here you would fit in perfectly!)

    • Awesome! Aw well i always thought Rainshadow was a good name for a band, but maybe it is a bit girly? Or Bordering Brave. We almost named our band that.
      Yay! I know, i wish i lived in the USA. I like cities but, hey, i live in a field in the middle of nowhere! What can you do.
      Ooooh i have a youtube channel called LilyTheSandpitTurtle by the way…it’s really lame and boring but…check it out!

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