Happy Ieroween

Hello Killjoys

So today is Halloween. Yeah, yeah, i know.

It’s almost like, everyone; happy Halloween!

Me; Happy Ieroween you wonderful people 🙂

It’s Frank Iero’s birthday (yes Erin) and he is a legend and Halloween is pretty much day to have your birthday so yeah.

Hi Erin 2.


Tonight i am going to sit at home listening to covers of the soundtrack of Nightmare Before Christmas (best movie ever) and having a Sweeto Ieroween.

Have a fun time peoples

Peace out Killjoys


15 thoughts on “Happy Ieroween

    • Haha 5?! Jesus! That’s a lot. Erm well try putting all the ideas into one story? That might make it a bit crowded with too many characters but you could just make it a REALLY long story so you can fir them all in. Or, save one a a draft and write it all after you finish another!

  1. Well, I have the ideas but putting it into one story would make it too crowded and it wouldn’t make sense. I have fan fictions about Danger Days, The Black Parade, Black Butler, Gerard Way and Demons.

    • Good point.
      Well Gerard Way can be in both Danger Days and The Black Parade of course, and you could always do like The Black Parade then in the same story do Danger Days – like – This Is What Happened after The Black Parade to Make Danger Days…if you get what i mean?!
      Demons sounds fun! You could make Black Butler fight Demons.
      I don’t even know.
      Anyway…that’s my ideas for your ideas!

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