Time for the review of Black Veil Brides’ new self-titled album! I have been putting it off so i can get to know the songs better.

  1. Heart Of Fire – it was the first single from the album, so everyone was real excited when it came out…rightly so! It’s quite heavy in terms of guitar. The fact that Bob Rock directed the album really helped with the growing of the band.
  2. Faithless – second song released for the album. It is really catchy and Andy’s vocals are a lot more sort of proffessional in this song.
  3. The Devil In The Mirror – i was obsessed with this for a while. It will be stuck in your head for days.
  4. Goodbye Agony – one of my favorite songs yayyyyyyyyy i love the message in the lyrics
  5. World Of Sacrifice – It’s really good and in my opinion one of the songs they spent the longest on when making XD
  6. Last Rites – It’s a lot of people’s favorite song from the whole album and if you are into this music then you will understand why πŸ™‚
  7. Stolen Omen – It’s the heaviest song on the album πŸ˜€
  8. Walk Away – the Lost It All of this album it’s sort of slower but still amazing
  9. Drag Me To The Grave – MY FAVOURITE OF THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!!!
  10. The Shattered God – really catchy and heavy
  11. Crown Of Thorns – possibly the best ending they could have for this album.

So i would probably say 5 stars

Thats not just because I’m a massive fan.


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