It’s Been Forever!

HELLO everyone! It’s been aaaaages! But then again…my only reader is pretty much Phil, and THAT’S WHY YOU’RE MY BEST BLOG BUDDY PHIL YOU’RE AMAZING. I’m planning on making a new, more sorta mature blog so i will post the link on here, and hopefully you will follow/subscribe and comment or at least read it? Anyway big news.

I’m 45 days clean. I am currently getting help from my school nurse. I have a new friend called Kirstin from Inverness, she’s amazing and beautiful and nice and awesomely awesome music-wise. I also have A NEW BIG SISTER. Actually she’s not relates to me. She’s my friend Rowanne, she’s like a big sister that i really love. She’s into the same music as me also, and she’s really beautiful and she has a boyfriend who has met Twin Atlantic and is pretty cool. I am planning on phoning her soon and am pretty excited.

I’m really sorry i haven’t been on here, but i’ll make a new blog with hopefully more readers. I love you guys, Phile and Erin M. especially!!!

Offline xxx


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