Time for the review of Black Veil Brides’ new self-titled album! I have been putting it off so i can get to know the songs better.

  1. Heart Of Fire – it was the first single from the album, so everyone was real excited when it came out…rightly so! It’s quite heavy in terms of guitar. The fact that Bob Rock directed the album really helped with the growing of the band.
  2. Faithless – second song released for the album. It is really catchy and Andy’s vocals are a lot more sort of proffessional in this song.
  3. The Devil In The Mirror – i was obsessed with this for a while. It will be stuck in your head for days.
  4. Goodbye Agony – one of my favorite songs yayyyyyyyyy i love the message in the lyrics
  5. World Of Sacrifice – It’s really good and in my opinion one of the songs they spent the longest on when making XD
  6. Last Rites – It’s a lot of people’s favorite song from the whole album and if you are into this music then you will understand why 🙂
  7. Stolen Omen – It’s the heaviest song on the album 😀
  8. Walk Away – the Lost It All of this album it’s sort of slower but still amazing
  9. Drag Me To The Grave – MY FAVOURITE OF THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!!!
  10. The Shattered God – really catchy and heavy
  11. Crown Of Thorns – possibly the best ending they could have for this album.

So i would probably say 5 stars

Thats not just because I’m a massive fan.


Happy Ieroween

Hello Killjoys

So today is Halloween. Yeah, yeah, i know.

It’s almost like, everyone; happy Halloween!

Me; Happy Ieroween you wonderful people 🙂

It’s Frank Iero’s birthday (yes Erin) and he is a legend and Halloween is pretty much day to have your birthday so yeah.

Hi Erin 2.


Tonight i am going to sit at home listening to covers of the soundtrack of Nightmare Before Christmas (best movie ever) and having a Sweeto Ieroween.

Have a fun time peoples

Peace out Killjoys

Happy Anniversary Dudes and Dudettes

Hi guys! Just got a notification tat it is the 1 year anniversary of my blog! Hurray! 1 whole year and the only readers i have are Phil and Luke and Erin M…


Anyway…i promise to have that album review soon guys.#

Peace out Killjoys!


I just cycled 3 miles to get the mail early.  Why? Because today is the release date of Black Veil Brides ‘ new album, and I cannot lie, it is Amazing.  Capital A.

I haven’t listened to it all yet, and I am too excited to write a review at the moment. I’ll do that later

Unleash the bats people!!!



Hi guys. So I feel like I haven’t posted anything for ages. I have been spending a lot of time sitting in the dark of my bedroom drawing. What a sad one I turned out to be.


I have a few things to say.

I am having a tough time of it at the moment,  and it is probably all in my head. If it is all In my head, I am going to start thinking I have a mental illness. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

So…a bit of shameless self advertising here..

Wattpad – ChemicalKid9

G+ – Linxx Chemical Kid

Youtube – LilyTheSandpitTurtle

Cheers guys

You know I love you

On my signing off note…I am missing My Chemical Romance more than ever these days.

Unleash the bats people. Unleash them. DO IT NOW!!!

14 - 1 (1)


Hello everyone!  I had an amazing start to my half term because I went to Paris!

We went to the Louvre and down the Seine, we went bowling, to the Palace of Versaille and Disneylaaaaaand! But best if all…the Eifel tower!

The bus journey was 16 hours but I reckon it was worth it. It was my first time abroad too!

Sometime soon I shall post some photos.

L x

As It Is

Hello guys!

Today I want to talk about some ordinary guys from an ordinary Britain, called Youtubers. To be more specific… VeeOneEye, Lukeisnotsexy and Patty Walters. Oh and of course how could I forget Karim Abridged.

I have been watching so many of their vlogs that my eyes have gone square.

So basically all these guys know each other and live together because they are all college age. Patty Walters is in a little known band called As It Is which are the first ever band to sign to the Fearless Records label (the same label as bands such as Pierce the Veil and Tonight Alive) and he is a real good singer. He does loads of covers of REALLY good songs like MORE and OM&M . Luke Cutsforth (Lukeisnotsexy) is really funny and he has been through a lot of stuff but he is one of the coolest people ever. He made a song called A Song About A Girl with Patty and I really like it…it’s hilarious but also sounds kinda professional. You can see the making of the song in Luke’s video HOW TO BE POP PUNK.

VeeOneEye is awesome. His real name is Jason. He has crazy hair…it is pretty much the most impressive hair I have ever seen on a guy. He also has been through a lot like Luke. He just vlogs about, like, everything. Amazing. Definitely not as boring as I make him sound.

And then there is Karim Abridged. You know,  I’m not sure if he has a vlog or not but he is in a lot of Luke’s videos and he is always wearing this big fluffy hat, and he is awesome too.

Before I go I want you lovely readers to take some time out of your own precious lives to have a listen to Fall Out Boy’s new song Centuries. It’s so good, I don’t know what I expected from them next but I definitely love it.

That’s All! Xx